Derpetology! Why is there a Raspberry Piranha store?

So, an update is in order, and more details, and more information.

What is this? Why am I seeing standard components from all over the place here? Why are pretty standard ideas being offered as kits?

Well, to make them accessible as widely as possible, to encourage as many people as possible to start trying to experiment, and providing working models of previous experiments for everyone to learn from rebuilding, and build on the foundations of.

See, the whole premise of this enterprise is that everyone is fundamentally capable of creating a solution to a problem they have, if only they have the tools to get there, and this is aimed at creating and curating a set of these tools, to be distributed around the world to any and all cultural participants, to make real solutions to real problems.

That's why there's a Raspberry Piranha store; because this is a curated list of solutions to specific problems, and a research and development platform to fund the expansion of this to empower a more broad portion of the population of the human species to better their own condition.